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Breakfast & Brunch

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

This great spot is literally right around the corner! You can’t go wrong with anything you get here. If you like sweet, try the bread pudding. Prefer savory? Biscuits and gravy or chilaquiles. Whatever you do, make sure to try one of their signature limeades (or limeade cocktails). If you go here during weekend brunch hours, there will likely be a wait – but it is well worth it!

Our favorite coffee shop just happens to be right next door. Any coffee you get will be delicious – and most likely made by the owner! Enjoy a pastry, browse through the 25 cent comics, and enjoy the eclectic music. This is a great place to have a coffee, knock out some work, or soak up some sunshine on the patio.

White horse it a great bar for creative cocktails with a fun ambiance – but their weekend brunch is also stellar. Our go-to’s here are the Pastrami Benedict and the Lemon Ricotta Griddle Cakes. Top those off with a Bloody Mary or an Amaro Spritz and you’ll be leaving happy.

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